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Bud Pack,

Inventor of the Par-T-Pump

History of the Par-T-Pump


     It all started with a simple toy that Bud created for the grandkids. A miniature oil well pumpjack made out of his wife’s alarm clock. Although she suggested otherwise, Bud Continued to create with anything and everything around him. The kids were intrigued, and took a liking to the toy. Their dad (who owns a lounge) told Bud “it ain’t any good if it don’t pump whiskey.” Bud accepted the challenge and said, “I’ll make you one and we’ll have a party.” That’s how he came to develop what he named the “Par-T-Pump”.

Immediately, everyone that saw the Par-T-Pump wanted one. Orders started pouring in and Bud set up shop and began production. He was awarded his first patent, on May 3, 1983. After manufacturing the Par-T-Pumps for over ten years, Bud decided to focus more on his trenching business. For almost two decades, progress on the Par-t-Pump was at a standstill until Bud decided to re-invest his time and efforts. Bud was granted his second patent on April 13,2010.

The mechanical engineering students from the School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City, South Dakota, took interest in the Par-T-Pump and was very active in helping find the right materials and the best suppliers and prices.

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